Quality and environment


Our shared vision is customer satisfaction, that is the result of the quality of the offered products and of the additional services related to them. This is why our catch phrase is “More than fruit”, that means:

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    a wide range of high quality varieties
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    guaranteed delivery times thanks to advanced and efficient logistics
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    packaging in every type of pack thanks to the best equipment
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    customized packaging according to customers’ requests
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    participation into co-marketing operations and development of in-store promotion activities in collaboration with points of sale
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    constant business relations with customers also in the after-sale period by providing information about the sold product upon request

“More than fruit” is a team of people working together in harmony, giving the best and helping each other for continuous improvement. It means studying and seeking new services to be offered together with the intrinsic quality of all products. Our philosophy is that of combining everything in harmony. The satisfaction of the end consumer is that of our customers: we achieve this satisfaction to pass it over to our members.


The certifications that we obtained over the years and those that we are going to get fill us with pride. They bear witness to the organization’s capacity to work in a seamless and committed way in each sector and all along the supply chain, constantly aiming at customer satisfaction, which is also our own satisfaction.


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Granfrutta Zani is not only constantly committed to develop and increase “Global Gap” certified productions among our member farms but also to maintain all the quality standards that are guaranteed by our certifications.

We are committed to ensure ongoing improvement in line with well-defined goals whose achievement guarantees to our customers that they have found in our company a reliable, sound and qualified partner.


Coop Granfrutta Zani gives special attention to the offered services: they cover all stages of the productive cycle, supply of documents on the used techniques, certification of healthiness and sensory characteristics.

The Co-operative boasts an accurate quality system and specially designed logistics along with a cutting-edge traceability system. It is not a coincidence that it was granted some important certifications such as the BRC Standard and GLOBALGAP.


The product sold by Granfrutta Zani PO (Producer Organization) must comply with the following key requirements: quality, healthiness, lawfulness and customer’s needs satisfaction. Our great experience gained in the sector allows us to guarantee the constant high food quality required by customers and to face any changes resulting from an increasingly global market.

Here are some of the most important quality parameters for fruit and vegetable products, that are regularly monitored and guaranteed by the company:

  • Healthiness (i.e. absence of any kind of pollutants, lack of pest and non-pest alterations, residues of plant protection products within legal limits, etc.).
  • Lack of visual defects or within pre-established limits;
  • Sensory and visual characteristics (hardness, sugar degrees, acidity, colour, etc.);
  • Absence of plant protection products (zero residue) or significantly reduced percentages within the relevant legal limits.


In order to be increasingly competitive in today’s market, where only companies capable of combining ancient farming traditions with the benefits of modern expertise can be successful, Coop Granfrutta Zani relies on a modern traceability system that guarantees to fully monitor the “journey” followed by products from producers to consumers.


Every day our farmers work surrounded by nature and the fields of our countryside, to grow good and genuine fruit that is finally brought to your tables. That is why the environment all around us is so important to us: the high quality of our work and products depends on it.

Respect for the environment is one of the core values for all those working within Granfrutta Zani, and our daily activity is evidence of this: our fruit and vegetable products are grown with pest control management techniques and about 80% of them is Global Cap certified: this is an international protocol that establishes good farming practices aimed to protect the environment and consumers’ safety.


Our commitment to the environment also includes the use of modern energy production techniques: in 2010 we installed a 6,000 square meter photovoltaic system in our plant in Bagnacavallo with 865 Kwp power and in 2014 other two 700 Kwp systems were installed in Sant’Andrea, in the province of Ravenna. Together, they provide us with more than 1,800,000 KWh of solar energy per year.

Thanks to these systems, about 20% of electricity used in our two processing centres is internally generated from renewable sources.

Our commitment is that of going further ahead in this direction: becoming more and more sustainable, more and more environmentally aware, more and more closer to you.


In order to guarantee that you are 100% safe, all the production phases are constantly monitored and only products passing all controls, carried out in certified laboratories, can reach the table of our consumers. Granfrutta Zani’s technical department follows our farmers’ on-field work step by step, giving them assistance and support in every phase: this is how we can guarantee you the utmost quality.