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Granfrutta Zani has been distributing Pink Lady apples for more than 20 years now. One of the most difficult apple varieties to grow, it offers scented, juicy and tasty fruit.

Growing Pink Lady apples requires high technical skills due to the size of the apple trees, green pruning, daily control and harvest. This is a product that enhances the apple growers’ skills.


Pink Lady growers are committed to guarantee:

  • Ongoing control of orchards and water-climate monitoring
  • Preservation of the orchards’ natural balances
  • Natural solutions adopted as a primary choice for protecting orchards
  • Minimum impact of the production process on fruit development

Pink Lady stepped into the apple world in 1973, conquering the market for its characteristics of robustness. It is a pleasant apple with refreshing and intense flavour.
Pink Lady is imported from South America to make it commercially available all year round.

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