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It is quite hard to establish if the apple is richest in symbolic meanings or in nutrients. The presence of 7,000 varieties shows that this fruit is really widespread and important in human diet and traditions.
An average-sized apple weighs about 150 g and provides 80 kcal. Available in thousands of varieties, the flesh of each apple is a concentrate of Vitamins (C, B3, B1, B2 and A), mineral salts (potassium, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, iron) and fibre. Being very easy to digest, it is among the first foods introduced in babies’ diet during the weaning period.

Grown in Romagna, Friuli and Veneto, the apple varieties of Granfrutta Zani are available from August to May.
In order to make the product available all year round, Granfrutta Zani purchases apples from Chile, Uruguay and South Africa from June to September.

some growers:


Packaging is the “second skin” of the fruit and we respect is as such. Our packages guarantee the preservation of the product’s sensorial properties in order to protect it and its environment. The most natural and safest protection possible.

24X40 1 KG 700/900 GR
30X40 h6,5/11 1,5 KG 1 KG
30X50 h9/16 2 KG 6 FRUITS
40X60 h 9/11,5/14/16,7/18

Several packaging solutions are available. If you need more information please write to

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