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Baby water melons

Water melon is a tropical plant, having its origins in Africa. Its precious amount of water turns it into a very popular fruit during summer. Consuming it in the hottest months provides the same body hydration as water, since its nutrients are easily absorbed. In each 100 g of water melons there are 9.1 g of Vitamin C, 0.4 g of fibre, and its calorie content does not exceed 30 calories.

Grown in Romagna and Campania, the baby water melon varieties of Granfrutta Zani are available from June to August.

some growers:


Packaging is the “second skin” of the fruit and we respect is as such. Our packages guarantee the preservation of the product’s sensorial properties in order to protect it and its environment. The most natural and safest protection possible.

Several packaging solutions are available. If you need more information please write to

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