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From a botanical viewpoint, the real fruits are the achenes, the yellow little seeds found on the outer surface of strawberries. As a matter of fact, the strawberry is a so-called “aggregate fruit”.

One of the most important nutritional qualities of strawberries is the presence of sugar: 4.9 grams per 100 grams of product. Rich in vitamin C, five strawberries contain the same amount of this vitamin of one orange.

Grown in Basilicata and Campania, the strawberry varieties of Granfrutta Zani are available from February to May.

Alcuni produttori:


Packaging is the “second skin” of the fruit and we respect is as such. Our packages guarantee the preservation of the product’s sensorial properties in order to protect it and its environment. The most natural and safest protection possible.

20X30 1 KG 250/350/500 GR – 1 KG

Several packaging solutions are available. If you need more information please write to

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