Solatìa is the brand used to identify Granfrutta Zani’s premium high quality: it is a line of carefully selected products by professionals to offer all the best and full satisfaction to consumers.

“Solatìa, the special fruit of our land!”

The Solatìa fruit is exclusively grown by our best producers, in a very suitable land for fruit-growing: Romagna. We only choose varieties that have been selected after years of studies and allow us to place on the market new, ready to eat, sweet and nutritious products.

What is Solatia?

It is seasonal fruit produced according to strict specifications that guarantee exceptional fruit quality and safety, new products in terms of flavours, ripening, packaging, variety innovation, which are controlled throughout the supply chain. Fruit is enhanced by a new and innovative packaging designed to catch the consumer’s attention thanks to its visual impact. Only the best and the newest products become “Solatìa”. It is our first branded product to which we have given the utmost care. It is brand that identifies special fruit, featuring top level quality and gustatory values.

More over!

 Moreover, it is a selection of fruit grown exclusively by our best producers, in a highly suitable land: Romagna. A range of premium products, with amazing qualities, both in terms of appearance and flavour, but above all… it is special fruit, grown in our land, which we have loved in a special way with care for the smallest detail.

High quality fruit

Granfrutta Zani displays its products in new and genuine packaging promoting the importance of high quality fruit both for children’s growth and adults’ health. It is the best fruit: the one grown under the sun of Romagna, the one that can grow in any home garden. The “great fruit” that wins over any other!

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