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“We are always on top of things”

“We Are Always On Top Of Things”

Olivano Bandini is a knowledgeable man. After many years of work, he knows perfectly that the first rule in the fields is satisfying the consumer’s needs. In this way, desired results will not be slow in coming.

For almost thirty years Olivano Bandini has got up every morning to work in the estate of his own farm. It has been growing over the years and today it stretches over more than 40 hectares in Faenza’s area, that many people regard as the “orchard of Italy”. Kiwifruit, apples, pears, nectarines and a few vines are grown by Olivano together with his twin brother, his nephew (who is taking up the family business) and a few labourers. “Ours is not a small-sized farm – he clarifies – we distributed the different tasks among us to work in the best possible way: for example, I deal with the harvest and pruning, while my nephew is in charge of the irrigation and plant protection products. Many people are not aware of it, but we have a great responsibility: keeping our land clean, taking care of it in a proper way in order to give healthy fruit to consumers”.

This applies to nectarines or Pink Lady apples, which are your pride and joy, am I right?

Yes, the Pink Lady apples are a gorgeous product: they are beautiful to look, delicious to eat and controlled from any point of view. It is like a dream to see the flowering trees, to see apples changing their colour and becoming gradually ripe. This is when I really feel proud of my own job. The same is true for nectarines and all other fruit. As a whole, every year we produce about 10,000 tons of fruit, which is a significant quantity after all.

Working in the fields is not for everyone. It is a hard job that often implies working more than 8 hours: what does push you to do what you do every day?

Passion and love for my land. For me it is easy, because I put my heart in everything I do, and I expect the same from the people all around me. You can be very skillful, but without passion you cannot go on for a long time. This is what I really like about our co-operative company, Granfrutta Zani: we always pay attention to any detail, we plan every single thing and we constantly focus on quality. There is a shared enthusiasm that can be hardly found elsewhere, because we know where we want to go and I think that those buying our fruit are aware of it.

Are you saying this out of your experience?

Yes, I think that those who work well, in the right way, in the end always achieve good results. We do like that and, as a matter of fact, we are satisfied: we could do more, we can further improve ourselves but I think that paying attention to what consumers want is essential. This is how we are: always on top of things.

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