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Metis® plums: A very high quality variety

Metis® Plums: A Very High Quality Variety

By combining plums with apricots, a new premium variety was developed, with an unmistakable taste and texture: Metis plums. They are currently ready to be sold by Granfrutta Zani.

Excellent fruit is (really) obtained from innovation and varietal research. Such as Metis® plums, a natural hybrid of plums and apricots with a unique taste and texture. It took several years, four generations of farmers and thousands of tests and evaluations on hybrid products to reach such a result: These are the figures of the Metis plum and the Bradford’s history, the family who gave origin to this variety. A large company, of which today Granfrutta Zani also a part: indeed, we are one of the businesses of the Metis® club, gathering the major European leaders in the field of stone fruit, and one of the two Italian producers and distributors of Metis® plums, which started to be sold in Italy just a few weeks ago.


Metis® plums by Granfrutta Zani: made in Romagna

This variety is grown in our land in Romagna, from June to September: its main characteristics are a firmer flesh texture than standard plums; its sweet and unmistakable taste, due to the cross-breeding with apricot; juiciness and freshness, making its consumption suitable at any time. Even the most demanding palates will be satisfied thanks to not less than four different varieties, available depending on the season:

  1. Metis® Oxy: Juicy and with a very intense aroma, this plum is distributed at the beginning of the harvest and is one of the fruit with the highest content of antioxidants, almost equaling that of pomegranate or blueberries;
  2. Metis® Tonic: With its distinctive yellow flesh, it is perfect for those who prefer a very sweet taste. It is harvested from late summer to early autumn.
  3. Metic® Safari: Its rosy flesh is almost as delicious and sweet as a candy, offering a nice contrast with its crispy and slightly acid skin for unparalleled taste experience.
  4. Metic® Aroma: Featuring a purple colour and reddish flesh, this variety is harvested in the optimum period of its ripening to achieve an intense and intoxicating taste.
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